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Saturday, 2 May 2015

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Digital Marketing Company In India

I'll just right come out and say it:

"Great content" is NOT all it's cracked up to be.
You may think that I'm crazy for saying that...

Digital Marketing Company In India

But, as they say, numbers don't lie.
My unconventional approach to SEO catapulted Digimark Agency from a blank Wordpress installation to over 90k monthly visitors in less than 2-years.
(Not to mention 50,000 email subscribers and a highly-profitable, growing business)
But I didn't email you today to brag.
I'm here to show you that there's a better way to do SEO and content marketing.... approach that gets consistent results for you and your business.

Before I outline my approach, let me tell you a quick story:
Back when I did SEO client work, I had a client in the precious metal investment space.
This client sold extremely expensive gold and silver bullion bars (the same ones they have at Fort Knox).
As you might imagine, this industry VERY competitive. In fact, the average sale is around $25k.

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And my approach for this client was dead simple:
"Publish great content on a regular basis."

And that's exactly what I did:
I published a new piece of quality content on his blog every clockwork.

So...what happened?
To put it in simple terms, nothing.
After 4-months of publishing on a regular basis, my client's organic search engine traffic barely budged.
So I decided to switch things up.
Instead of blindly following a publishing schedule, I focused on pushing out AMAZING content.
Specifically, content that was built to maximize shares, traffic, and first page rankings.
(I also spent a ton of time promoting the content I created)

Digital Marketing Companies In India

Then something crazy happened:
Using this new approach, I created an infographic for this client...
...and that infographic went viral.
My client's infographic was featured on huge investment sites (like ZeroHedge) and mainstream news sites (like The Christian Post).
So we quickly created ANOTHER infographic using the same system.
And that infographic went viral too. Even more than the first one.
Needless to say, my client was head over heels pumped.

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And I learned a lesson from that experience that I'll never forget:
Most people believe the secret to first page rankings and targeted traffic is to publish "great content".
Instead, I've discovered that there are certain TYPES of "great content" that actually get results. Specifically, content that includes scientifically-backed Share Triggers.
And that's the unconventional approach that I talked about in Tuesday's video.
Here's a link to the video in case you missed it.

Speaking of Tuesday's video, I also revealed the 3-myths that hold people back from the first page rankings they deserve.
In my experience, overcoming these myths are KEY if you want to get more traffic, leads, and customers from your content.
To recap, these 3 myths are:
-Content promotion is enough
(Content promotion has its place. But it won't work without The Right Content)
-You need to constantly update your site
(This is pure BS. I grew Digimark Agency very quickly by updating every 4-6 weeks...sometimes longer!)
-"Great content" is all you need
(There are certain TYPES of great content that gets results: The Right Content)

Now it's time to talk about how to create content that gets results.
Once you've sidestepped the 3 big SEO myths, it's time to start creating The Right Content.
What is The Right Content, exactly?
Well, there's a lot that goes into turning “great content” into “The Right Content”.
But one of the most important is the fact that The Right Content includes Share Triggers.

Share triggers are simple:
Share Triggers are things you put in your content that make people more likely to share and link.
Don't worry if you're not exactly sure what this means right now. In next week's video I'm going to cover Share Triggers in-depth.
Specifically, I'm going to reveal 4 of my favorite Share Triggers: Utility, Content Length, Social Currency and Storytelling.
But that can wait for next week.

Digital Marketing Companies In Bangalore

Right now I want you to do one thing:
Let me know you're serious about creating content that gets results.
And when I say "results", I'm talking about the things that actually make a difference in your bottom line:  sales, leads, and customers.
So leave a quick comment on this page saying "Let's do this!"
I'll personally reply to as many comments as I can.
So leave a comment to let me know you're in :-)