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Saturday, 2 May 2015

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Digital Marketing Company In India

I'll just right come out and say it:

"Great content" is NOT all it's cracked up to be.
You may think that I'm crazy for saying that...

Digital Marketing Company In India

But, as they say, numbers don't lie.
My unconventional approach to SEO catapulted Digimark Agency from a blank Wordpress installation to over 90k monthly visitors in less than 2-years.
(Not to mention 50,000 email subscribers and a highly-profitable, growing business)
But I didn't email you today to brag.
I'm here to show you that there's a better way to do SEO and content marketing.... approach that gets consistent results for you and your business.

Before I outline my approach, let me tell you a quick story:
Back when I did SEO client work, I had a client in the precious metal investment space.
This client sold extremely expensive gold and silver bullion bars (the same ones they have at Fort Knox).
As you might imagine, this industry VERY competitive. In fact, the average sale is around $25k.

Digital Marketing COmpany In Bangalore | India

And my approach for this client was dead simple:
"Publish great content on a regular basis."

And that's exactly what I did:
I published a new piece of quality content on his blog every clockwork.

So...what happened?
To put it in simple terms, nothing.
After 4-months of publishing on a regular basis, my client's organic search engine traffic barely budged.
So I decided to switch things up.
Instead of blindly following a publishing schedule, I focused on pushing out AMAZING content.
Specifically, content that was built to maximize shares, traffic, and first page rankings.
(I also spent a ton of time promoting the content I created)

Digital Marketing Companies In India

Then something crazy happened:
Using this new approach, I created an infographic for this client...
...and that infographic went viral.
My client's infographic was featured on huge investment sites (like ZeroHedge) and mainstream news sites (like The Christian Post).
So we quickly created ANOTHER infographic using the same system.
And that infographic went viral too. Even more than the first one.
Needless to say, my client was head over heels pumped.

Digital Marketing Firm In India

And I learned a lesson from that experience that I'll never forget:
Most people believe the secret to first page rankings and targeted traffic is to publish "great content".
Instead, I've discovered that there are certain TYPES of "great content" that actually get results. Specifically, content that includes scientifically-backed Share Triggers.
And that's the unconventional approach that I talked about in Tuesday's video.
Here's a link to the video in case you missed it.

Speaking of Tuesday's video, I also revealed the 3-myths that hold people back from the first page rankings they deserve.
In my experience, overcoming these myths are KEY if you want to get more traffic, leads, and customers from your content.
To recap, these 3 myths are:
-Content promotion is enough
(Content promotion has its place. But it won't work without The Right Content)
-You need to constantly update your site
(This is pure BS. I grew Digimark Agency very quickly by updating every 4-6 weeks...sometimes longer!)
-"Great content" is all you need
(There are certain TYPES of great content that gets results: The Right Content)

Now it's time to talk about how to create content that gets results.
Once you've sidestepped the 3 big SEO myths, it's time to start creating The Right Content.
What is The Right Content, exactly?
Well, there's a lot that goes into turning “great content” into “The Right Content”.
But one of the most important is the fact that The Right Content includes Share Triggers.

Share triggers are simple:
Share Triggers are things you put in your content that make people more likely to share and link.
Don't worry if you're not exactly sure what this means right now. In next week's video I'm going to cover Share Triggers in-depth.
Specifically, I'm going to reveal 4 of my favorite Share Triggers: Utility, Content Length, Social Currency and Storytelling.
But that can wait for next week.

Digital Marketing Companies In Bangalore

Right now I want you to do one thing:
Let me know you're serious about creating content that gets results.
And when I say "results", I'm talking about the things that actually make a difference in your bottom line:  sales, leads, and customers.
So leave a quick comment on this page saying "Let's do this!"
I'll personally reply to as many comments as I can.
So leave a comment to let me know you're in :-)


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

SEO Companies In Bangalore | Digital Marketing Agency in India

Which means it's time to decide if SEO That Works is right for you.

When you enroll today, not only do you get access to my proven training program, but you also get two special bonuses:

#1 Untapped Traffic Strategies: If you’re looking for more targeted traffic, this bonus module is for you. Here's where you’ll learn the EXACT step-by-step traffic generation strategies that you can use to bring in traffic on-tap.

#2 Blog Growth Blueprint: In this mini-course I show you how I took Backlinko from zero to one of the top internet marketing blogs in 8-months…and teach you how you can do the same thing with your blog.

These two bonuses are so good I might offer them as standalone courses later this year. But when you enroll in STW today, you get both of them at no charge (a $1198 value).
So if you want to get higher rankings and more traffic using a step-by-step blueprint, then I recommend that you enroll in SEO That Works today. Seo company Bangalore

As a quick recap, here's what you get when you enroll:

4-Week Multimedia Training CourseThis is my proven, step-by-stem system for generating traffic and first page rankings. Each in-depth lesson includes HD videos and downloadable training material (including PDF worksheets, slide downloads and "copy-and-paste" email scripts).

Note: You don't need to be anywhere at any particular time to take the course. 100% of the training materials are pre-recorded and will be waiting for you in your member's area whenever you have a chance to go through them.

Responsive Web Design In Bangalore: Your enrollment comes with lifetime access to the course. That means that, even if things are busy for you right now, you can go through the training when things settle down. Your lifetime access also comes with any upgrades that I make to the course at no extra charge.

5 Advanced Training Masterclasses: This is where you'll learn from some of the world's foremost experts in small business PR, local SEO, outsourcing, conversion rate optimization and more. Seo company Bangalore

90-Days of "I've got your back" Email Support: When it comes to support, I don't pass the buck to an assistant. All questions about the course are answered personally by me. That way you get all of your questions promptly answered by an SEO expert.

2 Private STW Student-Only Coaching Calls: As you may know, I turn down consulting gigs left and right. But as an STW graduate, you get to join other STW students for 2 live group coaching calls with me.

The SEO That Works Mastermind Community: Here's where you can network with over 400 professionals that are committed to their success (many graduates consider the private mastermind group one of the most valuable features of STW). Seo company Bangalore

With this launch you get access to everything I just listed AND the two mini-courses (Untapped Traffic Strategies and Blog Growth Blueprint).

But here's the best part:
You can try the program 100% risk-free for 30-days.
So even if you think that SEO That Works might be the right investment for you, don't be afraid to pull the trigger today.


It's that simple.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Digital Marketing Agency Bangalore | Online Marketing Company in india

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Ways To Let The Money Flow Into Your Life.....

Ways To Let The Money Flow Into Your Life
"When it comes to creating wealth, wealth is a mindset. It's all about how you think." - David Schirmer

Money is energy and energy is always moving, always changing, moving in waves and cycles. Money will flow in and out of your life, like the ebb and flow of the ocean tides. At times you will find that money flows in easily, at other times, it flows out, and sometimes the tide of the flow of money will seem not to change at all, but you should know, that moment is called the turning of the tide, and the cycle will inevitably start over again.

A Simple Guide to De-clutter Your Mind

A Simple Guide to De-clutter Your Mind
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo DaVinci. The goal of reducing clutter is to eliminate the non-essentials and keep only what is needed. If you are cleaning out your closet, this means deciding which pile each thing belongs in. But when it comes to the contents of your mind, the choice is where you place your attention. 

Happiness Is Homemade
Regardless of whether we live in the US, India or anywhere else, family is the building block of any society, and our greatest fulfillment lies there. Of course, one needs to give due importance to work. But if any society works diligently in every other area but neglects the family, it would be the same as straightening deck chairs on the Titanic.


Learn To Celebrate The Small Victories
Do you reward yourself for your accomplishments?

It is important that we take the time to celebrate even our small victories.

It's time to take a step back and realize that instead of focusing on all that we're not getting done, we should be focusing on all that we are getting done. I call this the Celebrate the Small Victories approach.